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  • 450 € – Theory course
  • 630 € – Driving course (28 lessons) *(It is possible to pay for each lesson separately)
  • 40 € – First aid course
  • 60 € – Night driving course
  • 100 € – Slippery road course

  • 1280 € final price (fixed prices, required to finish the school)
  • The scope of the theory course – at least 28 academic hours
  • The scope of the driving course – at least 28 academic hours + Night driving course – at least 1 academic hour + Slippery road course – at least 1 academic hour
  • The scope of the first aid course – at least 16 academic hours

!You must be 15.5 years old to register for this course. You can register for the course on our website or on-site!

!!After completing the theory and driving courses, the student receives a driving school diploma and now can sign up for exams at the Estonian Road Administration!!

Finish driving school in 4-6 weeks according to an individual learning plan!

Additional services

  • 200 € – Transfer from another driving school
  • 37 € – Additional driving lesson
  • 35 – App with tests “Liikluslab”
  • 90 € – “Jatkuõpe”
  • 160 € – “Final Stage slippery driving course + registration”

You can pay for the theory course in two parts and pay for the each driving lesson separately.

Why choose SMART Driving school?



We choose our employees carefully because practical lessons lay the foundation for the driver’s ability to drive. Our driving instructors are highly capable teachers with experience with the Road Administration.

Studying with a tutor brings a lot of new experiences to the beginner. Positive impressions and learning effectiveness depend on the supervisor’s experience, qualifications and even character, so we recommend that you choose the right teacher.

We are constantly doing our best to improve our product (learning) and thereby increase the efficiency of the learning process.

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